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Belgian developer Larian Studios has released their co-op multiplayer RPG Divinity: Original Sin on Steam Early Access this weekend. The game is available at two pricing tiers; the Standard Edition ($39.99) includes early access and final release, and the Co-Op Deluxe Pack ($59.99) includes two copies each of Divinity: Original SinDivine Divinity and Beyond Divinity

Original Sin, which we featured in our article, “Ten Reasons 2014 is the year of the RPG,” is the prequel to 2002′s Divine Divinity. Larian’s newest title is an ode to genre godfathers like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Its focus is squarely on the cooperative aspects of combat and dialogue, with a web of game-changing choices along the way.

In this turn-based cRPG, players may manipulate the environment and leverage a classless skill system during their journey. Although a single end goal looms in the distance, free exploration and forked paths will affect the development of party and character alike. Players may also create their own adventures using the designers’ own toolset, and share them with others online.

The announcement comes with a new trailer, which can be viewed above. Check out the official site for more information.

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