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Canadian developer Justin Cuff is on a mission to bring thoughtful characters and clever dialogue to the front of his classic RPG project, The Meridian Shard.

Operating as a one-man team known as Ultimate Fantasy Studio, Cuff has spent over a year working on the game, which is set in the same universe as his 2011 novel, “Ultimate Fantasy – The Queen’s Realm.” While the game is coming along nicely, with a final beta testing phase scheduled for summer 2014, the time has come to drum up external support.

That means Kickstarter, and with a goal of $6,500 in Canadian dollars, the developer certainly isn’t asking for too much. 70% of the funds would go directly into the game itself, while the remaining amount would account for crowd-funding fees, licensing, and backer rewards.

The Meridian Shard is a story-driven RPG, offering multiple progression choices and a unique 2D graphics style. The game takes place in The Queen’s Realm, where the corpses of 49 soldiers and workers are discovered in a remote mining encampment. With no clear cause, the event sparks fears of a new plague that may be spreading to unsuspecting hosts across the land. The player, a young warlock, must set out to deliver a royal scroll to the Dularian healers, who may be able to help.

More features:

  • No mandatory check-points to reach in order to save
  • Players are never forced to take any other characters along with them
  • Almost every interaction with the world around the player offers at least two decisions
  • Combat will play out in ordered turns with varying dynamics
  • Multiple characters will have various tasks for the player outside of the main story

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