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Endless Nights

Coming from Nations SoftwareEndless Nights is a rogue-like RPG that features randomized quests and multiple endings. It’s a sequel to Endless Depths, which sends players into a trap-filled dungeon and utilizes the same TitanFire game system.

The new iOS title is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, and currently costs $0.99.

Following the rogue-like tradition, Endless Nights employs a “permanence system,” which allows for one life per character. Like Dungeons of Dredmor and FTL: Faster Than Light, the challenge lies in seeing how far you can get in a single play-through.

Instead of choosing a class, players will make decisions throughout the game that determine their skill sets. The press release states that “a character may either pray to the gods for help or cast magical spells, but they cannot do both.” This separation may have more to do with the personal beliefs of the developer than anything else, but it contributes to the replay value nonetheless.

More notable features:

  • Over 100 different abilities to learn in the skills-based system
  • Permanence profiles let you choose a different way to play the game
  • Themed monster areas that expand upon the dungeons of the prequel
  • A crafting system that uses unique reagents called manastones

Endless Nights is available in the iTunes App Store.

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  • Mr. X

    I don’t know if I like that. Like, what if I get really far as a character then just get wiped out by an overpowered boss?

    • Kara

      then that’s it :)

    • Captain Rogue

      That’s the thrill of the game! You’re almost always playing it safe in a roguelike(unless you have to hurry because of hunger) The point of it is to actually make you scared to run around in the Dark Dangerous Dungeon. For most other games, if you were in such a cheesily-named dungeon the threat level would probably be nearly zero.


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